Inquiry into violations of human rights and humanitarian principles


The inquiry

In January 2020, the APPG on Hong Kong decided to undertake a full international inquiry into possible violations of human rights and humanitarian principles by the police, specifically in regards to its treatment of medical workers, in Hong Kong since the start of the 2019 protests. It invites individuals and organisations from Hong Kong and international organisations to submit evidence to the inquiry team, as well as a group of international lawyers and human rights experts, led by the APPG, to curate, analyse, and evaluate the evidence of the inquiry.

The scope of the inquiry is as follows:

"Policing the protests in Hong Kong: have the actions of the Hong Kong Police Force in relation to providers of a. humanitarian aid and b. equipment associated with the provision of such aid, breached international human rights law?"

This website offers background informationlegal explanations, and submission support.





「對付香港示威的警力:香港警察對 a. 人道支援人員;及 b. 提供支援工作相關器材的人員 所作的行動,是否已違反國際人權法例?」



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